Welcome to the Old Grovian Association! Our aim is to promote and maintain life-long friendships between members as well as supporting Woodhouse Grove School in its development and growth. We are currently in regular contact with over 3,600 Old Grovians worldwide and this number continues to grow.

We hold regular social events and reunions, news of which you'll find on this website. Plus, the Old Grovian magazine Xaipete is sent to all our members twice a year. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and look forward to hearing from you! Read our Chairman's message here>>


OGA Chairman: David Dickinson (1947-57)

We are delighted to appoint David Dickinson as the Old Grovian Chairman for 2014/15. As you will be aware, this is an important year in the history of Woodhouse Grove School with the resignation of Headmaster David Humphreys to take up the appointment as General Secretary of the Methodist Independent Schools Trust and, from January 2016, the appointment of a new Headmaster, Old Grovian Mr James Lockwood MA. For the Autumn term 2015, the Governors are delighted to confirm that David Wood will be Acting Head, ably supported by the current senior team and especially Keith Jones as Second Master and Ed Wright as Assistant Head. (You can read more about this on the Woodhouse Grove School news page here and read David Dickinson's Chairman's Message here.)

Chairman's message

"Congratulations to David Humphreys on his appointment as General Secretary of the Methodist Independent Schools Trust. Woodhouse Grove has expanded physically with many new buildings plus many increased opportunities for students whilst under his leadership. During his time the School has thrived; read "The Grovian" to see the huge number of opportunities now available to students."


A warm welcome to our newest Old Grovians!

As we remember the words of Xaipete - 'Old and new friends all we cherish'- we welcome the 2014 leavers to the Old Grovian Association.

We wish them good luck in their new adventures beyond Woodhouse Grove and hope they will remain in contact with the school, and each other, and join us at a reunion in the very near future.

Fidelis society - your gift securing their future

Securing continual investment for Woodhouse Grove School is a constant and necessary activity to ensure we continue to provide the best quality all round education for our pupils.

Becoming a founder member of our legacy scheme, Fidelis ensures that you play a key role in our future by pledging a donation to the school as part of your will. The aim of the society is to thank you now for the gift you will be donating in the future. This legacy funding will enable the school to continue extending its influence beyond its grounds and buildings, enriching the lives of its pupils and families and maintaining the provision of education by keeping the door of the Grove open wide enough so all can benefit from and contribute to our community.

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Xaipete: Woodhouse Grove School the First 200 Years

...is a 242 page illustrated book which tells the story of the school from 1812 to 2012. From its humble beginnings in the early 19th century when nine sons of Methodist Ministers made up the first cohort of students, a lot has changed in the past 200 years.

Woodhouse Grove has many remarkable people to thank for reaching its 200th Birthday and throughout the book it is clear to see how they have been inextricably linked to its achievements... Read more...

How to order

Woodhouse Grove School the First 200 Years costs just £14.99 and is available to order from the Development Office.

You can download an order form by clicking the link below and returning the form with payment to the school. (Sorry we can't accept online orders.)


Development news

The development office is as busy as ever this year with lots going on! We have launched our Legacy Campaign, Fidelis, which will entirely support our bursary campaign. We are supporting the School Sports Club with the Sports dinner (28th March 2014) along with playing an integral role in driving the OGA with reunions. This academic year will also see the launch of our new interactive OG database which will let you update your own details and get in touch with other old Grovians. As ever if you wish to contact the office please or give us a ring!

View a PDF of our Development News with info on the Bicentenary
View current and back issues of Xaipete

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This is a book about the growth of Woodhouse Grove School but more importantly it is about the people behind the school's success. The illustrations throughout the book clearly show how the school has evolved and yet, at the same time, how its unique atmosphere and time-honoured traditions have been maintained, nurtured and protected. This book will be enjoyed by everyone associated with the Grove, past or present.

The school has lost touch with many Old Grovians and we see this year as a great opportunity to get them back in touch with the school.

We ask if you could get in touch with any Old Grovians for whom you may have telephone numbers, postal or email addresses and ask them if they are in contact with us. This way we may be able to re connect with them and be able to let them know what is happening at school. To make this as easy as possible we ask that you email us or visit us on Facebook (see right).

If you are simply not sure whether we are in contact with people please get in touch and we will check! In the same way if there are anyone you have lost touch with and want to see next year we can also help.

Many thanks,
Sam Cadman,
Development Officer